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Welcome to Blue 8’s School of Action for Actors…

Blue8 offers training for the actor looking to move like the heroic characters they seek to portray. You will learn the skills to impress casting and production, training for consistent, repeatable, safe and compelling performances. Add training to your resume, explore new creative outlets, and increase your confidence with caring teachers currently working in the field.

Action is not just spectacle - It is spectacular representation of a stories soul and an actors greatest tool in a fight Scene! Legitimate experience and skill-based training inspires the best creative decisions.Many choices converge to form the visual story telling experience.  Action choreography, while subtle, speaks volumes about the character and motivates deep understanding of their condition... Each department has its tools. Ours is an arsenal of swords, fists, and kicks to tell our portion. 

Training Options Include: 

Tactical Operations

Fight Choreography


Creature Movement



Dialect Classes

To set up a training session or to inquire about our next intensive fill out the contact sheet below. 

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