About Blue8 Adult Classes!

Blue 8’s collaborative arts studio combines the transformative power of multiple movement systems from around the world featuring Dance, Parkour, Martial Arts, Alexander Technique, Yoga, Tactical Ops, BlueFit and more! A full schedule will be offered in our new studio space! Check back soon!

Our wide range of classes offers exciting, challenging and unique ways to

  • Surpass your fitness goals by moving your body creatively

  • Learn new skills that develop the mind and improve cognitive function

  • Treat the spirit and awaken your full potential by mix training advanced holistic arts.

Not all classes are offered on a weekly basis. If you don't see your preferred class on the schedule email: Caitlin@theblue8.com to make a request or see when the next offering is available. 

Adult Class Descriptions


Ballet: Increase your flexibility, body symmetry, balance and coordination in this open level ballet class covering barre, center work, and technique practice across the floor. Ballet is a fantastic way to express yourself, improve your posture, grace, and mobility. Weekly open level classes with master level workshops, intensives, and special guest instructors offered throughout the year. 

Contemporary/Jazz:Contemporary/Jazz classes includes a thorough warm-up, technique progressions across the floor, and choreography each week that promises to keep you inspired, progressing, and moving. Weekly open level classes with master level workshops, intensives, and special guest instructors offered throughout the year. 

Tap: Each class focuses on technique, musicality, and performance quality with a focused warm-up, progressions across the floor, and center choreography taught in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Open level and beginner level classes available. 

Hip Hop: These high-energy, upbeat classes encourage confidence, coordination, musicality and strength in a fun, supportive setting. Each class includes a warm-up, technique, and new choreography each week! Hip Hop is a style of dance usually performed to Hip Hop music. Blue8 Hip Hop classes pull from hip hop, pop, and other styles of music to explore the movement in a variety of ways! 


Adult Parkour: Extremely popular in urban settings and parks; we know you’ve seen parkour practitioners flipping and vaultingwith their GoPros all over LA. Practitioners aim to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible. This is done using only the human body and the surroundings for propulsion, with a focus on maintaining as much momentum as possible while still remaining safe. Parkour can include obstacle courses, running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement and the like, and is a crowd favorite for both young and old. Parkour is a very prominent art form with more people joining the movement daily. It has also become widely used in film and television making it a popular training method for performers of all kinds and our students love applying their skills to the action adventure projects they work on.

Private and Small Group Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique: By appointment only! Email Caitlin@theblue8.com to schedule. Alexander technique is a method used to become aware and change movement habits in our daily activities, releasing unnecessary tension and reconnecting to our natural, aligned body mechanics. Highly popular with musicians, actors, athletes, dancers and public speakers, this training utilizes chair, floor and table work to unlearn physical tendencies that inhibit efficient movement. This training is done privately or in small group workshops. 


BlueFit: Blue Fit workouts are designed by NASM certified Personal trainers with innovative modalities unique to the Blue8 method..  We Combine traditional fitness training techniques with elements of  Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts, Parkour, and Tactical Ops, bringing you challenging and fun workouts rooted in the foundational techniques of the most amazing movement systems on the planet! Get ready to move that body, evolve your training practices, and get in shape!! These group classes or private sessions will help you meet your individual fitness goals while setting a strong foundation to train these arts/disciplines at a more advanced level.(warrior poetry) We will prep your body, mind, and spirit to go out and apply your new skills in your own real-life action-adventures!