Blue8 Helicopter Fast-Rope Workshop. Students fast-rope from out of a live helicopter with owner, Chase Rivera and Pilot, Steve Stafford.

Blue8 Helicopter Fast-Rope Workshop. Students fast-rope from out of a live helicopter with owner, Chase Rivera and Pilot, Steve Stafford.

Adult Workshops at Blue8

Blue8 invites you to Join the Action. Live the Adventure. with our action-packed workshops. If you have ever watched an action movie and thought, "I wish I could do that", then the people over at Blue8 are your new best friends. Blue8 turns the most exciting elements of Action Adventure storytelling into captivating experiences accessible to all. Throughout the year we offer multiple training opportunities including (but not limited to) specialty martial arts, dance, yoga, outdoor adventure, parkour, tactical operations, and our signature Warrior Poetry workshops that combine the arts and disciplines! We are always searching for new styles of movement and cutting edge training opportunities to share with our students. Check out our schedule for the most up-to-date movement workshops available. We add new workshops often! 

Workshop Descriptions

*not all workshops are offered full time. To make a schedule request or inquire about a specific training: contact

Tactical Training

Tactical training raises the spirit. It inspires unshakable confidence, decisiveness, and respect for all forms of weaponry. At the range or at the gym we Do less anticipation, fear, and doubt and be more focused, calm, and graceful. This translates to superior skill, accuracy, cognitive function AND sounds a lot like some of our other trainings! Our approach, educates students on military style fitness, weapons safety, appreciation, handling, marksmanship, theatrical performance, and builds a formidable mindset that can approach a myriad of situations with the  poise and confidence of a well trained operator.

Non-Firing and Live-Fire courses available. Great for Actors, stunt training, family experiences, and Action-adventurists

All instructors are experienced combat operators

Los Angeles has many indoor and outdoor ranges so locations will be dictated by class type, and client requests.

*Not all classes and workshops are offered full time. Check schedule or message for more details. Class you want Not on the Calendar? Not to worry! Contact us directly to schedule your next action-adventure session of choice.  

Fast Rope Attack Course: Ever wanted to know what it's like to be a bad ass action hero?! Well here's your chance to kit up like a real operator, get training from real combat veterans, and jump out of a whirly bird!  Step off the skids of an actual helicopter and slide into one of the most unique training experiences on the planet! The adventure kicks off with a day of ground school. Learn proper fast-rope technique on belay into crash pads, working up to belay-free descent to the ground. Students will be evaluated at every phase with an emphasis on safety. Then its time to go airborne on Day 2!  Blue8 teamed up Hollywood's most trusted pilot, Steve Stafford, taking you from 10 feet off the deck to 40ft. There are 2 ways to take this course: TACTICAL and SLICK. For the full experience including tactical training, full kit, shooter mechanics, weapons presentation, and movement, check out our TACTICAL course. The SLICK course includes fast-rope training and helicopter descent ONLY. The only FAA approved Fast-Rope Helicopter outside of the military in the United States, you won't find this kind of training ANYWHERE ELSE! 

Tactical Operations: Blue8 puts the art back into war! Train Military Tactics to shoot an move like a professional operator. Class is taught by USMC Force Operators, Military Advisors and stunt men from shows such as Castle, True Blood, NCIS, Criminal Minds and many more. Workshop covers basic weapons handling, shooting and moving, rope repels, and repelling and shooting. 

Action Adventure Sports

Experience Action-adventure sports at Blue 8’s House of Warrior Poetry. Blue 8’s outdoor certified exercise specialists will help you get in shape, learn wilderness sport skills, and then take you on incredible real life Action-adventures. Driven by our passion for outdoor adventure, alternative fitness and careers within the action entertainment industry, Blue8 provides unique instructional experiences to individuals and small groups that will blow your mind! And you couldn’t be in more capable hands.  All of our instructors are professional stunt performers and certified fitness trainers with wilderness medicine certifications so the potential for trip design is limitless and safe. Adventure sport training empowers you with new skills, connects you to nature, entertains the spirit, and transforms the way we think and interact with your surroundings. Great for Actors, stunt training, family experiences, fitness nuts and Action-adventurists! Our outdoor workshops happen in multiple locations. Please contact us for more information. 

Canyoneering: A team based sport that teaches us to work in harmony with each other and the environment to explore incredible places and overcome complex situations. It challenges cognitive abilities through problem solving and technical rope work. These workshops take students on amazing canyon adventures minutes away from the LA grind. Meet your instructor and class-mates at the foot of a canyon, hike up, and repel down. We bring the equipment. You bring the badass. 

Rock climbing: Climbing has a special way of promoting mental focus and rock solid confidence in goal completion. On its way to being an Olympic sport, rock climbing is a fantastic way to get in shape, get outdoors, and test your limits. Whether you are a beginner or advanced climber, Blue8 has outings and training designed for you.

Marital Arts

Our Martial Arts programming encourages students to achieve self-betterment, self-discovery, and self-discipline through a multiple styles of practice including Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Serrada, specialty weapons workshops and even fight choreography for stage and Film. We aim to …. Quick sentence inspired by the warriors path of enlightenment. The practice sets/routines are not only practical in application but are also graceful and artistic in nature which makes these styles a great fit for our wide range of students seeking a legitimate martial arts experience including kids and grown-ups looking to move like their heroes!

Escrima Serrada: Serrada Escrima is a close range fighting system where one learns to shut downan attacker instantly. Serrada Escrima trains you to hone your reflexes to react with lightning speed. The drills taught in Serrada Escrima refine these skills with the use of weapons as well as empty hand techniques. This is a single stick artform. Feel free to bring your own, but if you don’t have one, you are welcome to borrow our extras. Other than that, bring an open mind, open heart, and a willingness to learn something very different...

Harmonious Fist Northern Shaolin Kung Fu: The Northern Shaolin style of kung fu is one of the most prominent traditional northern styles of Chinese martial arts.  The fluidness of the movements combined with acrobatic techniques are trademarks of the Northern Shaolin sets. The practice sets/routines are not only practical in application but are also graceful and artistic in nature which makes this style a great fit for our wide range of students seeking a legitimate martial arts experience including those looking to move like their heroes promoting self respect, discipline, and confidence. Workshops range from technique, forms, weapons and more. 

Action Arts

Parkour: Extremely popular in urban settings and parks; we know you’ve seen parkour practitioners flipping and vaulting with their GoPros all over LA. It has also become widely used in film and television making it a popular training method for performers of all kinds and our students love applying their skills to the action adventure projects they work on. Practitioners aim to get from A to B using the obstacles in your path to increase efficiency. This is done using only the human body and the surroundings for propulsion, with a focus on maintaining as much momentum as possible while still remaining safe. The word comes from the French "parcours" meaning "the way through" or "the Path". What we now call "Parkour" originates in a training program for French Special Forces known as "Parcours du combattant" or "the path of the warrior". Parkour classes include obstacle courses, running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, and quadrupedal movement.

Fight Choreography for Stage and Film: 

Creature Movement: Learn all the tricks and secrets to creating creature characters through movement from the professionals and performers from projects like Cirque Du Soleil, Planet of the Apes, Avatar and more. 

Holistic Arts Workshops

Motion Lab: MotionLab is a scientific approach to applying the foundations of natural bodymind mechanics in all that we teach [traditional yoga, martial arts, Parkour, Dance, Fitness, Tactical,Adventure]. Through the principles of the Alexander Technique, students learn (under the guidance of a body mechanics professional) how to observe for themselves what is getting in the way of accomplishing their movement goals. Once a student has gained awareness of the excess effort/tension that is interfering with their efficiency of movement, they learn how to undo it. It’s simple, but not easy. The idea of MotionLab is to do less, and be more.  This education process is subtractive, meaning we peel away the layers of extraneous habit to get to a more natural way of moving. This is counter to almost all education paradigms, which usually assume we need to learn how to move.  We approach movement education as re-education.  That is, if we unlearn habits of excessive tension and effort, we naturally coordinate our movements.

Yoga Lab: YogaLab is a practice that is committed to the scientific foundations of traditional yoga through the principles of the Alexander Technique. The idea of YogaLab is to test our perception of self in a playful, yet mindful manner, to get closer to what is, and what is possible. 1 hour and 15 minute class

Alexander Technique: Alexander technique is a method used to become aware and change movement habits in our daily activities, releasing unnecessary tension and reconnecting to our natural, aligned body mechanics. Highly popular with musicians, actors, athletes, dancers and public speakers, this training utilizes chair, floor and table work to unlearn physical tendencies that inhibit efficient movement. This training is done privately or in small group workshops.