Kids Classes at Blue8! 

About our Kids Programming

The Blue8 House of Warrior Poetry is dedicated to teaching dance and movement classes to all ages in a fun, supportive, community setting. Program Director, Caitlin Geier and the Blue8 Faculty teach students of all ages, levels and backgrounds with a commitment to the highest standards of technique and artistic expression.

Blue8 students are empowered to creatively express themselves and test their limits through a dedicated practice they look forward to each week. Whether their goal is to become a professional performer, or to explore the art forms recreationally, the Blue8’s mindful approach prepares students to successfully apply their skills to whatever they pursue with an open heart and respect for their fellow artists and collaborators. Our aim is to connect mind, body, and spirit through movement!

Classes are located in our beautiful home studio at 143 S Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Class Payment Options

New students get their first class FREE! Click Here to Register Online!

Class payments can be made in 3 ways: Session Tuition, Class Packs, or Drop-in

Session Tuition: 10 weeks of dance classes, one easy payment. This option reserves your child's spot in class each week and encourages steady growth and practice as a dancer through consistency in attendance. 

  • 1 Class/Week: $180 ($18/class)

  • 2 Classes/Week: $340 ($17/class)

  • 3 Classes/Week: $480 ($16/class)

  • 4 Classes/Week: $640 ($16/class)

  • 5 Classes/Week: $750 ($15/class)

  • 6 classes/Week: $900 ($15/class)

  • 7 classes/week: $980 ($14/Class)

  • 8 Classes/week: $1120 ($14/class)

*Missed classes must be made up within the current or immediately following session. Tuition can be pro-rated for late-enrollments and closed holidays ONLY. 

Class Cards: Use anytime you like within 3 months! Class cards can be used toward any class on our schedule (as long as there is space)! Reserve your spot in class ahead of time by logging in to your mindbody account. :) 

  • 5-Pack: $95 ($19/class)

  • 10-Pack: $180 ($18/class)

Drop In: Pay as you go.  $20 per class

Class Descriptions


Ballet: Our goal for these Ballet Technique classes is to impart the fundamentals of classical ballet. Class will focus on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, positions, French terminology, self-discipline, self-confidence and musicality. Students continue their work on fundamental barre and center work as well as leaps and turns. Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance, so we suggest ALL of our students be enrolled in at least one ballet class. 

Contemporary/Lyrical: Students are encouraged to express themselves through movement and given an opportunity to grow as both dancers and artists in this stylized class that combines ballet technique with modern and jazz. Class includes a warm-up, stretch, isolations, floor work, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations. Dancers will focus on full body integration, developing strength and dynamic quality for performance in a creative, energetic, and positive environment. We suggest students pair this class with a ballet class, as ballet is the foundation of all dance!

Jazz: This class teaches students the foundational movement for jazz with a pop twist!  It's a high energy class that includes a warm-up, stretches, isolations, floor work, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations. This is a great class for kids who love pop music and upbeat fun movement! Focus is on self-confidence, technique, rhythm, dynamic movement, and fun choreography in a creative, energetic and positive environment.

Musical Theatre: This 1 hour class trains jazz and dance for musical theatre technique including basic positions, turns, leaps, footwork, and group formations and character. Each term, 1 class is dedicated to work with props including chairs, cane, hats etc. Week to week students may work on jazz or musical theatre choreography! Great for kids who love jazz and want the ability to train multiple styles. 

Tap: This fun and challenging style of dance promotes a combination of rhythm, timing, and coordination. Kids love the sound their shoes make and build confidence executing new steps and combinations.

Hip Hop: These upbeat and high-energy classes teach the fundamentals of hip hop movement. Stretching, isolations, rhythm, musicality, upper body strength and fun footwork  combine to have your child bopping to the beat! Students will also learn to memorize choreography by working on a combination each class.

Parkour (Jr. and Teen): These classes work on the foundational movement of parkour building strength, confidence, safety techniques, and coordination. Everything is low to the ground on mats and pads inside our studio so students remain safe as they build their strength, skill, and technique in rolls, vaults, precisions, and obstacle course. We love how parkour helps our students problem solve in new ways and  view obstacles as opportunities for creativity. 

Specialty Workshops: 

Check out our schedule for the most up-to-date movement workshops available! The Blue8  is home to professional performers and teachers in many styles, so all of our students have the opportunity to study many amazing styles of movement including kung fu,  yoga, acrobatics, parkour, and aerial silks just to name a few.