Veterans Initiative:

We are a proud veteran owned company dedicated to healing and self development through the arts.  In May of 2017 Blue8 Partnered with American Veterans Post 2 in Culver City to launch our training space, with classes and specialty workshops offered to the general public and our Veteran community. 

The journey of combat veterans seeking physical rehabilitation, internal wellness, and overall healing is what ignited the idea of Blue8. 

Two of our Co-founders Chase Rivera and David "Blue" Walther served together in the United States Marine Corps as Force Reconnaissance operators. Through the suffering of firefights, helicopter crashes, IED explosions, and fallen brothers they were lead to powerful restorative arts that addressed the physical, psychological, and spiritual pains associated with such experiences. 

The Shaolin Monks and Samurai were some of the first warrior cultures to adapt practices that addressed PTSD. After experiencing war the Samurai had meditation, flower gardening, painting, and poetry practice to offset the sympathetic reactions of mind that lead to PTSD - we want our heroes to have Blue8. 

We have explored what practices best fit our culture and the profound impact that these healing arts can have. We know it works because it is a path that we walk for ourselves. Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts, Alexander Technique, Mindful Movement,  Adventure, and Storytelling…This is the way of healing for the western warrior. We are proud to develop this programming for our nation’s heroes in partnership with American Veterans. 

Our training raises the spirit. To be emboldened in the face of fear, to feel powerful in your own abilities, and experience absolute trust in those you stand with is a rare experience that is hard to find in our culture.  It is a gift worth giving to those that have never felt it and healing medicine to those that have been separated from it. 

FREE VETERAN Workshops and Classes

Blue8 teachers are committed to offering FREE classes and Workshops to the Veteran Community as well as discounted classes for Veteran Families. We work in cooperation with AMVETS and other veteran charities to raise awareness, create interest, and take requests for special workshops and new programming. Any veteran looking to participate in classes or workshops simply needs to show up with their Veteran ID card or other proof of service. 

Fund Raising

Fund Raising at the House of Warrior Poetry:

Blue8 is a for profit veteran owned company that turns the most exciting elements of Action Adventure storytelling into captivating experiences accessible to all. We offer our specialty workshops and classes to both the general public and veteran communities. Ticket sales from the general public and FREE admission for our veterans allows us to serve both communities and raise much needed funds for select charities. In addition to offering all our classes free to veterans, we donate percentages of our net profits to affiliated veteran charity organizations such as American Veterans and the Special Operations Warrior Fund.

Because all Blue8 classes are run out of the AMVETS POST 2, 100% of our monthly rent goes back into funding AMVETS Initiatives, Programming,  Outreach, and Services. We are so thankful to have a home for our programming at this post, and strive to always honor that relationship. 

Fund Raising Events:

Blue8 also holds events and specialty workshops geared toward raising money for AMVETS Post 2. From our Haunted Halloween Obstacle-course event, to our Fast-Rope workshop, Blue8 employs exciting experiences that foster team-work, self-confidence, and just good fun to bring the community together, raise awareness and much needed funding to those who have served our country.