About Blue8

BLUE8 (The Blue8 Group ltd) is a registered disabled veteran business enterprise that delivers compelling original content, action-cinema solutions, skill-based fitness training, and live-action event design. We provide these valuable products, services and experiences through our entertainment division and innovative instructional programming in fitness, dance, martial arts, tactical ops, and adventure sports just to name a few. Explore BLUE8 and discover your story.


Our Vision

We believe imagination and creativity to be key elements essential to the development of modern-day spirit, ingenuity, and evolution itself.

Our vision is to empower an inspired world.

It's about creating a space that allows our multi-talented community of students, teachers, artists, and collaborators to thrive, work together, and foster our inspirations UNIMPINGED, to their fullest extent.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to sustainably produce compelling original content, quality entertainment services, innovative fitness products, professional action-arts training, and rewarding jobs to dedicated artists with powerful ideas. By connecting the entertainment, fitness, and performing arts industries, we present an infrastructure that successfully generates capital to support the growth and development of our brand and the pursuit of our vision.

That quiet voice in us all that says “I wish I could do that”, is how we connect the 2 sides of our business. Whether it’s a movie, music video or live-event, we create and support the making of compelling content that inspires audiences to take action in their lives, and enable them to train, grow, and succeed.

Inside everyone is action-adventurist with a powerful story to tell.. Whether that is you directing, producing, training or performing, we want you to be the hero and accomplish your goals.



We found each other. A small group of people from many walks of life crossed paths through the suffering of war, the healing of the arts, the joy of self-expression, and the power of training.

The Blue 8 formed as artists and industry professionals gathered to train and share their gifts. Through cross-training and cooperative mindshare we activated a growing creative community made up of actors, writers, directors, dancers, yogis, military veterans, traceurs, and martial artists. Weaving all of these trainings into one collaborative practice, the team created, what we refer to as, Warrior Poetry. The profound benefit of storytelling, these trainings, and working together are as clear today as it was then.  With several years of combined experience in many fields, We incorporated Blue8 in 2013 to allow our team to share and pursue their gifts on a far greater scale. Our path is one of self development, artistic expression, and the exploration of our full potential.